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Thrift Closet:The Timeless White

I owe everyone an apology for not posting for so long. It has been hard juggling several things at once…….. (Blah blah blah) I know! That shouldn’t be an excuse, I’m sorry!


Well…if this is any consolation…I’ve missed you guys and in between running around trying to spend time with my family, catching up with old friends & desperately trying to live by the rules of You Are A BADASS by Jen Sincero in this humid but beautiful city of Dar es salaam, my mind has often drifted back here, with all of you where everything is just…Gold!



The timeless white pant holds as much value as its black counterpart in my not-so-shabby wardrobe. I have always loved a good pair of white pants, luckily for me, I come from a city filled with hundreds of thrift shops and got my pair for the equivalence of $1 back in 2012(yes I am a Holder) and I have been happier ever since.

The Five basic rules I have for all my fellow thrift shoppers in Dar es salaam is,

  • First; always choose the thrift stores on the better side of town(they are more likely to have better stuff),
  • Second is timing; I have always been told to go during the evening and believe me, I’ve never been disappointed.
  • Third should be; DON’T TAKE YOUR CAR (These stores are as crowded as an amusement park on a Saturday afternoon, leave your engines and walk) and…
  • Fourth; Take your precious time; I always go through every little garment. Beneath what looks like dirt, there is always Gold waiting for you underneath/in-between rows and piles of madness(simple! don’t leave any stone unturned.)
  • The fifth rule is, Calming the “F” down and remind yourself the trick, “Its Quality over Quantity.” Don’t-Over- Do-It! You don’t need the entire market in your tiny and already suffocated wardrobe. Plus, i always tell myself…i don’t have to necessarily walk out with something, there is always a another day…a better day.

Well, enough about that.

So I paired the white fit pants with a sheer black and white pattern shirt to complement the white but also create a certain kind of conflict that is easy and beautiful in the eyes. White being the dominating color, black being the complementing color, I decided to finish my look with low cut BW converse with a black bag and a Maasai inspired beaded choker to give the whole look a little edge, youthful freshness with little elements of playfulness without making the entire look less sophisticated.

On my wrist is a rose gold capital “D” curved bracelet that almost looks like the famous Cartier love bracelet(BUT ISN’T) and on my eyes are a pair of Hunter Blue glasses bought from his recent sales discount (50% off.) sadly, this was the last pair but there were other beautiful pieces to choose from.


This chick effortless look was inspired by the promise Lana Del Ray is giving us from her highly anticipated new album titled, LUST FOR LIFE. This was one of those days where it wasn’t about the look the clothes gave me but rather the mood the clothes made feel.

I wanted to celebrate Life, Love and the precious gift of being a young. In this fast paced world where we are all busy running blindly across the streets trying to chase dreams, we are forced to forget to take a break, breath and be grateful for Life because without it, there wouldn’t be any dreams, without it there would be anything worth the chase.

For those who we have a relationship that goes beyond the gram will tell you that i am a music enthusiast, I find so much inspiration from it, even the music from languages i don’t speak.

“Good Music is Good music, A good visual is a good Visual…”

And to say goodbye, here goes One of my favorite Finnish pop song that i can’t stop listening to by Pete Parkkonen.



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  • Krisstyiin Ryoba

    Your style is amusing!
    Keep up the tips helps us all.
    We all visit the thrift shop,Macklemore knows better Lol

  • Freddie Anyona

    I love this look.
    It is uber urban and fresh, and the masai choker adds just the right amount of edge.
    Love it.
    Keep on Keeping on.

  • Martinus Oktobre

    That is why I love your blog! It is so motivating and makes me always try new things based on your Inspiration.

    Nevertheless you mentioned “dominating color” and “complementing color”… Can you explain this terms/concepts in one of your upcoming posts? I would like to know more about it.

    Btw, I truly enjoy your music recommendation. Pete Parkkonen his sound is the ideal “european summer – cabrio sound”. Thanks for bringing him into my life.

    • Thank you Martinus. You are a beautiful soul and your comments are highly appreiciated 🙂