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The Red Bell

Everyone has their own little fashion tribe on the internet. We are all drawn to different designers, style bloggers and certain fashion connoisseurs that represent a specific type of aesthetic that we identify with.

For so long I have been obsessed with two brands that have inspired the design of my look for this post, these are one of the best androgynous and contemporary athliesure brands In Africa; Orangeculture and Nao Serati. These two are what I call The Future of Fashion who have been BOLD enough to re-define masculinity and re-configure the traditional menswear silhouette.


These two design houses have given us ALL, from key-hole cutouts on a regular shirt to peekaboo slits on the traditional tailored pant that flaunts flesh rather than concealing it. They are here for every man who is fearless, daring and extremely BOLD.

They might not be every man’s cup of tea but truth be told, they are the future of menswear high fashion niche and I am loving every bit of it.

But the real question should be…Is there really a future for Androgynous designers in Africa, will their art and craft ever be acceptable without frown, a shrug and a few raised eyebrows? Are we really ready to see the traditional macho African man transition to this very new modern piece of Art? Are we ready for him…are you?

Please join the discussion of the comment section and share your views…


Red Bell Turtle Neck by River Gold

The Blue Slim Fit Pants by Mr Price (Old stock)




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  • Freddie Anyona

    Love this.
    The Red Bell Turtleneck is the right amount of extra.
    I fully agree with you, Orange Culture and a couple other fashion brands in Africa will pave the way for African fashion designers and brands.
    Amazing post.

    • Thank you and cheers to being a little bit “Extra” ?

    • Thank you Freddie, happy you loved it and cheers to being a little bit extra ?

  • You are on bold fashionista and i am in love with this look.Looking forward to more posts

    • I believe it take one to know one ? thank you my gorgeous friend …can’t wait to collaborate with you sometime soon.

  • Martinus Oktobre

    This piece of fashion looks like it is made just for you! I am stunned